Features and Benefits:

  • In-mould cutting ensuring consistent and accurate trim
  • Servo driven platen
  • Six point toggle systems with oversized roller bearings
  • High speed forming system
  • Multi-zone contact heating system
  • Electric preheater
  • Microprocessor-based control system (PLC)
  • Computerized DC drive sheet transport
  • Photo scanning available for preprinted sheet
  • Static eliminator
  • Photo scanning available for preprinted sheet
  • Stacking equipment available

GN Tooling:

  • Cost effective tooling is designed, manufactured and production tested at our facility


Forming Area 762mm x 762mm (30" x 30") maximum
Depth of Draw 125mm (5") maximum
Knife Length 6858mm (270") for APET maximum - 11430mm (450") maximum for other thermoformable materials
Clamping Force 200 Ton
Sheet Width 815mm (32") maximum
Material Thickness Range 0.15mm - 1.00mm (0.006" - 0.040")
Material Roll Diameter 711mm (28") maximum
Dry Cycles per Minute 25 maximum
Main Supply Voltage 380V to 480V 24 Volt DC Control Voltage
Power Consumption 20 Kilowatts/hr (Approximate)
Air Consumption 1200 Litres/min (48 CFM)
Cooling Water Consumption 14 Litres/min @ 15C - 20C (3 gal/min @ 58F - 68F)
Machine Weight 5909 kg (13,027 lbs)
Air Pressure 6.8 bar (100 PSI) minimum
Machine Dimensions (l x w x h) 3200mm x 1930mm x 2693mm (126" x 76" x 106")


GN-D Series Brochure

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