The GN1914DM with patented technology is a plug-assisted, Dual Mould Thermoforming Machine equipped with multi-zone upper and lower ovens. It will thermoform parts to a depth of 152mm (6") in two negative moulds each having a maximum forming area of 482mm x 355mm (19" x 14"). The GN1914DM utilizes an in-mould trim that guarantees the production of 100% identical parts while keeping tooling costs at a fraction of other in-mould cutting systems. Parts are handled by a robotic part handling system ensuring the steady, dependable delivery of stacked product. This extremely smooth operating machine truly is a high-output, high-volume Thermoformer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Robotic product handling system
  • Built-in diagnostic system
  • Multi-zone upper and lower ovens incorporating an infrared heating system
  • Positive and negative forming
  • Quick tool changes

Optional Equipment:

  • Material preheating station
  • Servo plug
  • Magnetic quick tool change system
  • Motorized material roll holder
  • Scrap handling system
  • Additional zoning of upper and lower ovens

GN Tooling

  • Cost effective tooling is designed, manufactured and production tested at our facility


Forming Area 482mm x 355mm (19" x 14") maximum 241mm x 190mm (9.5" x 7.5") minimum
Depth of Draw Maximum 152mm (6") below sheet line 15mm (.59") above sheet line
Knife Length 3330mm (131") for APET 5000mm (197") for other thermoformable materials
Sheet Width 533mm (21") maximum 292mm (11.5") minimum
Material Thickness Range 0.25mm -1.50mm (0.10"- 0.060")
Material Roll Diameter 1000mm (39") maximum
Dry Cycles per Minute 50 maximum
Main Supply Voltage 380 to 480 V 24 Volt DC Control Voltage
Power Consumption 15 Kilowatts/hr (approximate)
Air Pressure 6.8 bar (100 PSI) minimum
Air Consumption 2500 litres/min (88 CFM)
Cooling Water Consumption 30 litres/min @ 15C - 20C (6.6 gal/min @ 58F - 68F)
Machine Dimensions (l x w x h) 5970mm x 2360mm x 2910mm (235" x 93" x 115")
Machine Weight 7,260 kg (16,000 lbs)



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