GN Robotic Stacking Unit

GN Robotic Stacking Unit


The GN Robotic Stacking unit is a complete product handling system designed to improve the performance of the GN thermoformer. Vacuum cups attach themselves to the product prior to stripping from the web and places the parts in stacks.

  • Ensures consistent part separation from web
  • Simple, inexpensive tool specific change parts
  • 5 minute set-up
  • User friendly operation
  • Easily adapts to existing GN thermoformer


Stacking Rate Maximum 20 cycles/minute
Maximum 1200 cycles/hour
Power Supply 480V, Maximum 5 amperes
208V, Maximum 10 amperes
Air Pressure Requirements 4.8 Bar (70 PSI)
GN3021 Robotic Stacking Unit 950kg (2090 lb)
Machine Dimensions (l x w x h)
GN3021 Robotic Stacking Unit 3380mm x 1850mm x 2490mm (133" x 73" x 98")
GN3625 Robotic Stacking Unit 3380mm x 2100mm x 2490mm (133" x 83" x 98")
GN3625 Robotic Stacking Unit 970kg (2134 lb)

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