GN Up Stacking Unit

GN Up Stacking Unit


GN Up Stacking Units can easily be attached to any GN Thermoformer to create a completely automated and efficient high speed thermoforming production system.

GN Stackers accurately count, stack and deliver the formed parts onto the receiving table.


Stacking Rate Maximum 30 cycles/minute
Maximum 1800 cycles/hour
Power Supply 110V, 50/60 Hz Maximum 5.0 amperes
Stacker Change Parts Consult G.N. tooling department
GN2220 Stacking Unit 2286mm x 1625mm x 2946mm (90" x 64" x 116")
GN3021 Stacking Unit 2285mm x 1850mm x 1778mm (90" x 73" x 70")
Machine Weight
GN2220 Stacking Unit 410 kg (900 lbs)
GN3625 Stacking Unit 591 kg (1300 lbs)
GN4532 Stacking Unit 725 kg (1595 lbs)
Air Pressure Requirements 4.0 Bar (60 PSI)
Machine Dimensions (l x w x h)
GN3625 Stacking Unit 2390mm x 2100mm x 3150mm (94" x 83" x 124")
GN4532 Stacking Unit 2580mm x 2375mm x 3250mm (102" x 93" x 128")
GN3021 Stacking Unit 455 kg (1000 lbs)



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