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Custom products with consistent, high quality results

GN customers know they can rely on our thermoforming machines and services to ensure that they produce a high-quality and cost-effective product every time. The possibilities for product development are limitless with GN. From meat trays and cake domes to confectionary packages, industrial blister packs and complex medical device packaging, GN can support all your production needs. Backed by 40 years of thermoforming and product design experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all our customers’ thermoforming projects.

Our machines achieve high quality results by using a broad range of roll-fed thermoplastic materials, including:

  • PP
  • OPS
  • PVC
  • HIPS
  • Bio-Degradable Materials (PLA )

For more information about which plastic to use please see our Plastics Data Sheet

With our experience, we know that the medical and food packaging industries require great precision to conform to high industry standards. We understand you want a machine that will consistently meet those high standards while still allowing for a low production cost. GN is here to work with you to develop a reliable and cost-effective solution to any of your packaging needs, whether it be for the food, medical or industrial market.

At GN we want to help you and your team to optimizing production of your plastic products. With a variety of options our machines are flexible enough to produce trays, lids, containers, blister packs, hinged containers and more!


Together let’s explore your food packaging needs.


  • Meat trays (with the ability to use a pad handling robot)
  • Dairy product containers
  • Egg cartons
  • Cake domes
  • Muffin trays
  • Chocolate trays
  • Clamshell containers
  • Containers for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Salad bowls
  • And much more!


Together let’s explore your medical packaging needs.


  • Sterile Surgical Device Packaging
  • Face Shields
  • Medical Component Trays
  • Laboratory Trays
  • Procedure Kit Trays


Together let’s explore your industrial packaging needs. 


  • Consumer Products Packaging
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Automation Trays
  • Clamshell Packaging
  • Blister Packs


We love working with our customers to develop new product lines and our tooling services department is always here to discuss your ideas and upcoming projects. Please get in touch to discuss your thermoforming needs. We are looking forward to innovating with you!

Our custom tooling manufacturing team would be pleased to work with you to transform your design ideas into reality. Contact Us to find out how we can help.